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At Tire Covers Plus, we are committed to providing you with quality NCAA tire covers that portray your allegiance to your favorite collegiate teams. You'll find NCAA college tire covers featuring logos from teams across the country, from perennial powerhouses to burgeoning mid-majors. Not only are these college tire covers the perfect way to show support while tailgating or on the road, but they also effectively protect your spare.

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Tires Safe from Harm with Spare Tire Covers

July 27, 2015 @ 12:50 pm
posted by Elite_Auto

TireCoversPlus 7-27-2015 PicIn the event of a tire going flat on you, you want to be sure that you can rely on your spare tire, at least to get you as far as a place where you can get the tire replaced with a new one. Your spare tire isn’t meant for a long road trip or anything, but it can get you to where you need to go to move forward with replacing the tire.

In order to ensure that your spare tire is ready to make that trip, however, you have to be sure that the tire remains intact. The best way to do that is to make sure that your spare tire is always covered up in spare tire covers, protecting it from the elements and keeping it safe from harm overall.

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TireCoversPlus 7-21-2015 PicI was a little bit surprised when my daughter told me that she was most interested in a Jeep as her first car. Most of her friends were driving cars like a Volkswagen Jetta or other cars that were similar to that. However, her interests were elsewhere and she liked the idea of off-roading someday and things like that.

Thus, when we decided to get a Jeep for her, we also made sure to get her something that we thought she’d really appreciate. She was very amused when we presented her with a Silly Boys Jeeps Are For Girls tire cover. It was exactly what she wanted and she was very happy with her car and tire cover.

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A Horse Spare Tire Cover for My Daughter

July 13, 2015 @ 1:01 pm
posted by Elite_Auto

TireCoversPlus 7-13-2015 PicMy daughter loves horses. However, we were never able to get her a horse, because we simply didn’t have room for keeping one on our property. She’s still done a lot of horseback riding and we always have made the effort to get her things that are related to horses, because she likes them so much.

Though we were never able to get her a horse, we were definitely able to get her a car. When we got her a car, we thought it would be a nice touch to ensure that she have a horse spare tire cover. She may not be able to own an actual horse, but she can own plenty of horse-themed products.

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Representing Pacifism with a Jeep Peace Sign Tire Cover

July 6, 2015 @ 12:56 pm
posted by Elite_Auto

TireCoversPlus 7-6-2015 PicAs long as I can remember, I’ve been a big proponent of peace. I personally believe that it’s pretty ridiculous that we’re in the year 2015 and we’re still attempting to solve our problems with war and violence instead of peace and diplomacy. I really think that we act a bit too barbaric for the modern world we live in.

I like to show my love of peace in any way that I can. I’ve even got a Jeep peace sign tire cover on my car. That may not do much in the grand scheme of things, but I just think that it’s nice to have symbols of peace present in people’s lives to remind them that it’s something that should be thought about.

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