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Pittsburgh Steelers NFL Spare Tire Cover as an Early Father’s Day Gift

May 29, 2014 @ 4:14 pm
posted by Elite_Auto

tire covers plus blog 2 5-26-14My cousin recently returned from college on the east coast. He is only going to be home for about a week and then he is heading off to do an internship for school in another state. This means that he won’t be around to celebrate Father’s Day with his dad this year. This isn’t much of a problem, since they are able to just celebrate Father’s Day a little bit early this year.

My cousin bought his father a Pittsburgh Steelers NFL spare tire cover for Father’s Day. He is going to give it to his father after they attend a baseball game together this weekend. His father is really excited about getting to go to a baseball game with his son. My cousin can’t wait to see how happy his father will be when he gets the tire cover that he can use to support his favorite football team.

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