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A Jeep Spare Tire Cover for Personality and Safety

July 3, 2014 @ 2:51 pm
posted by Elite_Auto

tire covers plus blog 2 6-30-14My brother and my father have long debated whether a Jeep should have a tire cover or go without a tire cover on the back of it. My brother claims that Jeeps look really cool when they have a bare spare tire on the back of them. My father agrees that they look cool, but he says that looking cool isn’t worth sacrificing the safety that comes from having a spare tire cover.

My brother refuses to believe that his tire could be significantly degraded by the sun shining on it over the years. My father has a Jeep spare tire cover on the back of his car, because he has seen what happens to tires that stay out in the sun all of the time. He loves having the tire cover because it shows off his personality and gives him peace of mind. He says my brother will come to his senses one day.

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