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Why I Love My Silly Boys Jeeps Are For Girls Tire Cover

November 27, 2014 @ 1:02 pm
posted by Elite_Auto

tirecoverplus INTBlog 11-24-14I’ve been battling gender stereotypes since I was a child. I used to hate dresses, pink, and anything remotely doll like. I used to steal my brothers science set and spend my days out in the woods setting up camp like an explorer out in the wilderness. I’ve always been interested in more masculine pursuits, including extreme sports, fixing cars, and shooting guns.

That’s why I love my Silly Boys Jeeps Are For Girls tire cover. It speaks to my individual personality and how I don’t live by typical American stereotypes. I take my jeep out on some serious terrain tracks and I always get looks of surprise from fellow drivers when I get out of the jeep and they see I’m a girl. Well, some things are just much more fun than dolls!

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