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At Tire Covers Plus, we are committed to providing you with quality NCAA tire covers that portray your allegiance to your favorite collegiate teams. You'll find NCAA college tire covers featuring logos from teams across the country, from perennial powerhouses to burgeoning mid-majors. Not only are these college tire covers the perfect way to show support while tailgating or on the road, but they also effectively protect your spare.

Picking the Best Solid Black Spare Tire Cover to Go on the Back of My Car

September 23, 2014 @ 2:52 pm
posted by Elite_Auto

tire covers plus blog 1 9-22-14For the past year, I’ve had a cheap black tire cover on the back of my car. The cover was fairly cheap, so it wasn’t exactly surprised when it started to rip only a few months after I had gotten it. At this point it has become more of a pile of demolished fibers than a tire cover. I know now that it is time to get a new cover and one that is made from better quality materials.

I took my old torn tire cover off of my car and started searching for the best solid black spare tire cover that I could find. I found a lot of tire covers that were much better quality than the one that I had had before. I ended up buying a very nice black one that was made of thick material. I loved that I could get this great tire cover at a low price that was more affordable.

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