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At Tire Covers Plus, we are committed to providing you with quality NCAA tire covers that portray your allegiance to your favorite collegiate teams. You'll find NCAA college tire covers featuring logos from teams across the country, from perennial powerhouses to burgeoning mid-majors. Not only are these college tire covers the perfect way to show support while tailgating or on the road, but they also effectively protect your spare.

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Horse Spare Tire Cover Practical Joke

October 31, 2013 @ 11:44 am
posted by Elite_Auto

blue horse rolling in hayMy friend is afraid of horses. In fact, he’s deathly afraid. When we pass by farms when we’re driving, he gets a nervous look on his face and keeps staring forward. Since our friend group is full of mature 20 year olds, we decided to use this information to pull a practical joke on him. It was probably the last one we’ve played.

We decided to all pitch in and buy a horse spare tire cover to put on his Jeep while he was at class. When he came back, he saw the tire cover and nearly had an emotional breakdown. We took the cover off, but he refused to talk to any of us for an entire week. We realized then that he wasn’t just a little bit scared of horses.

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Horse Enthusiasts Love a Horse Spare Tire Cover

August 22, 2013 @ 11:13 am
posted by Elite_Auto

lif-wthyhobgMy favorite animal and my favorite mode of transportation is a horse, but I live pretty far out in the country, so riding my horse everywhere isn’t typically an option. I wouldn’t want to overwork my horse by riding her huge distances; I love her too much. That doesn’t stop me from showing off my love for horses with my other forms of transportation, however.

On the back of my car, for instance, I’ve got one of those family decals only it includes my horse as well. I also have a horse spare tire cover and plenty of bumper stickers on the back of my car that show how much I love horses. I only wish that I lived closer to the city so that I could more easily ride my actual horse into town.

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