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A Clemson Tigers NCAA Spare Tire Cover For Bitter Rivals

May 21, 2013 @ 12:24 pm
posted by Elite_Auto

127728209_set-of-2-clemson-tigers-baseball-one-inch-pin---ncaa-The Clemson Tigers have a long-standing rivalry with the University of Georgia, but their primary rivalry is between Clemson and the South Carolina Gamecocks, who have been heated rivals since the 1880s. The rivalry runs deeper than a simple sports rivalry, as there have also always been historical tensions between members of these two universities.

In the schools’ early years, there were social tensions regarding the enrollment of women and black people, tensions between farmers and the development of a separate agricultural school, and other incidents that made the rivalry even more bitter. Their annual football game is the longest uninterrupted series in the South, and Clemson fans are sure to purchase a jersey or a Clemson Tigers NCAA spare tire cover beforehand.

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